The 2014 Rosé from Côtes du Rhône

The 2014 Rosé from Côtes du Rhône

Doron Yitzhaki, the flying winemaker has joined forces with Xavier Vignon and are proud to present us with their new addition to the wines of the Touch by Fusion the 2014 Rosé.

Doron is different from the other winemakers, he does not have his own vineyard, nor he owns his equipment for creating the wine. Instead, he connected many winemakers around the globe, and he creates his wines in cooperation with them. Up until now, he has created wines in Germany, Australia, France and others.

Xavier Vignon is advising other winemakers for the past 20 years now, in different regions and countries among them are: Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa and others.

This ability to follow the same grapes for two decades makes his knowledge unique and give him the ability to get the most out of thous vineyards.

Some definitions of the 2014 Rosé, from the makers:

Origin: Côtes du Rhône, France

Definition: Dry Rosé Wine

Grape Variety: Mourvedre, Syrah, Senso and Grenache. All are coming from mature vineyards in the same area.

Year: 2014 was a classical year, in terms of winemaking, without any major climate swifts.

Winemaking: The grapes where harvested manually, and the fermentation was only with natural yeast. The first stage with the shells was in controlled temperature stainless steel barrel and only after the winemaker was satisfied with the color and phenolic composition it was moved to another container.

The second stage was held at 18 degrees Celsius in order to avoid Malolactic fermentation.

Alcohol: 13%

Acidity: TA = 4.91 gram/liter

Sugar: 1 gram/liter

You can taste this wine at the upcoming event below.

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