Chef Alon Gonen and “Dan Gourmet” students cook at Fusion winery wine presentation.

Chef Alon Gonen and “Dan Gourmet” students cook at Fusion winery wine presentation.

Alon GonenChef Alon Gonen and students from “Dan Gourmet” are going to take part in “Fusion winery” new wine presentation, which will take place in the Tulip winery at Kiryat Tivon. At the event Fusion winery is going to present Rose 2014 that was created in cooperation with Xavier Vignon from France.

At the presentation, you will be able to taste a variety of interesting dishes, which, according to Alon, would mostly fit the hot summer day and the French and German wines we are going to taste there.

Among these dishes there will be Eggplant Lasagna, Sheep Labaneh with roasted eggplant, Hot grape leaves on sheep’s milk yogurt, Empanada with Guacamole – Staffed pastry with avocado based dip, Mascarpone – Italian cheese based on cream, can be found in the original Tiramisu recipes, and more.

Alon Gonen is a known figure at the Israel culinary and wine scene. He currently writes for a few blogs in addition to running his own catering business, which is not Kosher and specializes in matching food with wine (especially Israeli wines).

Alon is known for a few restaurants he took part in, the “Speedo Bar”, the kosher “Don Vito”, “Al Bario” in Hertzelia and more. In addition, Alon cooks seven days a week in a charity organization called “Lasova” that feeds 400 homeless people.

You are welcome to taste his work at the wine presentation event on 31/7/2015.

No reservation is needed.

Cost of the meal is 25 Shekels and all of the processing will go to “Lasova” charity.

You are welcome to RSVP below for the event.

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